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We're back for round two. Get ready to meet in Lexington, Kentucky on April 9-10, 2016 for a weekend of discovery, creation, and fun. You'll have 24 hours to make your dreams reality. Free food, great swag, and lasting friendships are only some of the things you'll find at CatHacks II.


CatHacks? What's that?

In April 2015, CatHacks was the first national Hackathon to be held in the state of Kentucky. This time, we're making it even bigger. On April 9-10, 2016, tons of hackers will travel from colleges across the nation to Lexington, KY in order to flesh out ideas in the field of technology.

Who can attend?

In order to attend CatHacks, you must be a student at a post-secondary university. We accept high school students on a case by case basis.

Even if you aren't that great at programming yet, sign up anyway! We'd love to help you learn how to program.

What hardware will be available?

MLH will provide their Hardware Lab at CatHacks. This means that there will be tons of hardware to check-out and use at the event! Arduinos, Oculus DK, Myo, Pebble, and Laptops are only a few of the items that will be available. (A vaild driver's license is required to use the hardware lab.)

How much does it cost?

CatHacks is completely free to all accepted members. This includes meals for the weekend and any swag sponsors may bring.

How do I get there?

If you're coming from a college nearby, you might want to look into carpooling with others! Parking will be available in two different areas on campus. More information will be sent out at a later date.

Will there be travel reimbursement?

At this time, we cannot promise travel reimbursement. If you require travel reimbursement to attend CatHacks, please mention this on your application. If anything changes, we will reach out to you personally.

When is CatHacks II?

CatHacks II will take place on April 9-10, 2016. Check-in starts at noon.

Where is CatHacks II?

It will take place at the University of Kentucky. Specifically, the majority of the event, including check-in, will occur at the Ralph G. Anderson Building.

What should I bring?

You'll probably need some kind of a computer. Make sure you bring chargers for any devices you're bringing. In addition, bringing a sleeping bag and pillow will allow you to get some sleep if you can't stay up for 24 consecutive hours. Finally, make sure you bring any toiletries you'll want for the weekend, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and a towel.

More questions?

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Join us in Lexington for the second annual CatHacks hackathon.


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